We accept responsibility for ensuring that the services we deliver to you are of the highest standard possible.

Client service

If you have a complaint or are unhappy with the services provided, please make it known as soon as possible, either to the management or your travel agent. Please provide the fullest details as early as possible. Every effort will be made to arrive at a fair and satisfactory conclusion for the best of all involved.

Personal injury and property

Kisiwa House will not be liable for harm to guests caused by criminal acts of others. Kisiwa House is not liable for any accident or loss that occurs on the premises.

A safe is at the guests’ disposal in the rooms and in the manager’s office. If you have any valuables kindly make sure you use it. Kisiwa House will not be liable for valuables that are not secured in safes.

Kisiwa House will not be liable for loss of luggage or other personal items belonging to guests left in the hotel’s common areas.


You are recommended to ensure, when making your reservation that you and your party are insured against all relevant risks, including all locations and places you intend to visit throughout your holiday in Zanzibar.
Third party exclusions:

Transportation and accommodation of clients are subject to international conventions, which override any contract, expressed or implied between our clients and us.

We cannot be held liable if a client is refused admission into the Republic of the Tanzania.

The possession of valid passports, and/or other required travel documents, such as airline tickets and hotel vouchers at the proper time, is the sole responsibility of the client.

Liability for the failure of any client to observe the law of the Tanzanian/Zanzibar Government during a visit is excluded. We will not be held responsible for any delay in transferring of clients or any other delay under such circumstances.

Dietary requests

We are not liable for the failure to meet dietary requirements, unless these were clearly stated when booking.